Our company  will evalueate your plastic picture frame profile needs within the scope of the project management and will be able to provide alternate solutions related to your needs.  It will be enough to inform us on sample of the profile you want.
In addition, if it suits you, our sales specialist we direct to you can visit you. He will obtain the required information related to your need; and will provide you the most suitable solutions as soon as possible.

Our company which stands firm for continuity of  production quality, prepares raw material for a profile to be produced with special formulas in line with the experience it have gained over the years .

For raw material prepared, first raw material quality control is conducted with state-of-the-art laboratory test devices; and product quality is kept at maximum level.

Our Quality Control department monitors concrete and measurable values through its quality policy before,during and after production.

DAYI PLASTİK obtained its ISO 9001 quality system certificate many years ago, and it produces plastic picture frames with ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system.

Dayı Plastic

Dayı Plastik, established in 1977; which is main activity of production of plastic spools. We have started to produce "Plastic Picture Frame & Plastic Decorative Furniture Profiles" in 2010,Wooden Picture Frame Profile in 2019.

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